How to join a crowdpooling event?

1. Navigate to the "Crowdpooling" page#

2. Connect to your wallet#

3. Choose the pool you'd like to join#

Through the search box in the upper right corner, search for the address or token address to find the Crowdpooling project you want to join;

For projects that have not yet started, you can click "Follow" and you can find them in the "Follow" list.


4. Joining the Crowdpooling Event#

Once the Crowdpooling event starts, you can click "Join" to enter the details page.

On the details page, you can see more information. Enter the amount of funds you'd like to contribute to join the Crowdpooling event on the right-side window.

When using a certain token for a Crowdpooling event for the first time, you will need to approve it. Click the "lock" symbol to the right of the number to unlock and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

After the transaction is confirmed on-chain, you will then be ready to join the Crowdpooling event with the amount of tokens you wish to contribute. Click ""Add" and confirm in your wallet, the transaction is then confirmed on-chain, and your participation is complete in the Crowdpooling event!

5. Retrieve your allocation / Settle#

During the Crowdpooling event, you can deposit or withdraw your funds at any time. When the Crowdpooling period ends, if the fund-raising cap is not exceeded, you will get 100% of your allocation; If the raised funds exceed 100%, then your allocation of the Crowdpooling event will be distributed according to your proportion of total raised fund multiplying the amount of the total token for the sales, and the excess funds will be returned to your wallet.

To retrieve your allocation from a completed Crowdpool event you need to "Settle" the event to your wallet. This will claim the tokens and send your contribution. Click on the Settle button, confirm the terms and the transaction; once confirmed on-chain the tokens will be sent to your address.

You have successfully completed a DODO Crowdpooling event!

Crowdpooling Risk Warning#

Crowdpooling is an essential feature of DODO V2. It is a completely permissionless feature, meaning that anyone will be create a Crowdpooling campaign on DODO V2.

If you wish to participate in a Crowdpooling campaign, please double-check all the information about the campaign on its detail page, and confirm with the project creator that the token contract address is indeed correct before making any financial commitment.