How do I create a pool of funds using DODO?

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Creating a pool is a tool provided by DODO to project owners and market makers, through the market making function users can add liquidity to any token. The pool creation function offers three types of pools and three modes to choose from.

Three types of pools

1.Public pools

Anyone can add funds to the pool, and all market makers will share the fees according to the proportion of funds; after the pool is created, the parameters related to market making cannot be modified.

2.Private pools

Only the creator can add funds to the pool; after the pool has been created, the parameters related to market making can be flexibly adjusted at any time; in either pool, you can manage the funds at any time, withdraw or replenish them.

3.Anchored pools

Anyone can add liquidity; once the pool is created, the parameters cannot be modified; the curve is similar to Curve and applies to synthetic assets.

Three types of pooling models

1.Standard mode

Standard mode, the distribution of funds is similar to Uni, you can set the commission rate; plate price is determined by the amount of bilateral funds, as follows, I chose the standard mode, the sell order is arranged 1000 DAI, the buy order is arranged 100 USDC, then the initial price after creation is 1DAI = 0.1 USDC (i.e. 100 USDC/1000 DAI).

2.One-sided mode

Single-sided mode market making does not require buy order funds, it can be used to raise funds by selling tokens, you only need to have tokens to start market making. In this mode, you can customize: sell token currency and quantity, buy token currency, commission rate, initial price, slippage factor. The funds for selling tokens will automatically arrange the depth of the sell order according to the market price and slippage factor.

3.Customized mode

In custom mode, the creator has the flexibility to customize various parameters, including currency, quantity, commission, commission rate, minimum transaction price, slippage factor. You can implement your own market making strategy on DODO with different combinations of parameters.

Application scenarios with different modes and different parameters

Application Scenario 1: Creating a token market in one minute

Use the public pool - unilateral template. Just simply charge the coins, set the initial price
, set the slippage factor
=1= 1
and you have a very liquid token marketplace.
At this point you can invite community members to trade here. We recommend using this solution as the initial liquidity market for tokens, so you don't have to prepare any buy money, and the money from community members buying tokens will naturally become buy money. You can sit back and collect the fee income.
In addition, this market can be used for liquidity mining because it eliminates the need for buy orders below the initial price, so the capital utilization is high. Community members only need to buy your tokens, match a little bit of capital, and start mining. This is also great for you because it moves the funds that would have provided buying liquidity below the price
to above the price, essentially pushing up the price of your coin.

Application Scenario 2: One-Minute Stable Coin Issuance

Use private pool - custom template. Just set the initial price to 1, set the slippage factor
=0= 0
. Charge your own token and you get a new stablecoin anchored to USDT.
You can ask users in your application to use your own stablecoin, so you gain the right to mint it. As the application scenarios for your tokens get richer, there will be a lot of money deposited in your stablecoin trading pool. And you can not only collect fees, but also use these sunken funds to expand your business and accelerate your project development.