Configure Whitelist

DODO crowdfunding pools support the project side to configure the whitelist and specify the whitelisted users to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, but this feature is not the default option in the front-end, you need to contact DODO to achieve the back-end associated configuration.
Note: If you need to configure the whitelist, you can send an email to : [email protected]
The content of the email can follow the following template.
-Project Name
-Project description
-Crowdfunding information (crowdfunding network, opening and duration, etc.)
-Whitelist contract address
For project parties, what they need to do is to deploy a separate whitelist contract, DODO provides a whitelist contract template with the code address of:
interface IQuota { function getUserQuota(address user) external view returns (int);}contract UserQuota is Ownable, IQuota { mapping(address => uint256) public userQuota; uint256 constant quota = 375 * 10**6; //For example 375u on eth function setUserQuota(address[] memory users) external onlyOwner { for(uint256 i = 0; i< users.length; i++) { require(users[i] != address(0), "USER_INVALID"); userQuota[users[i]] = quota; } } function getUserQuota(address user) override external view returns (int) { return int(userQuota[user]); }}
After the project owner creates a whitelist contract, he can set the user's subscription amount (USDT if USDT crowdfunding is selected) through the setUserQuota function. For the whitelist function, set the corresponding quota for the users in the whitelist, and default to 0 quota for other user addresses.
The above is only a template contract provided, project parties can flexibly develop it according to their own needs, but eventually need to strictly implement the IQuota interface specification (getUserQuota), and open source the contract address, and then provide it to DODO for contract-related configuration half a day before the crowdfunding starts.