Managing Your Token

To manage your token, go to the “My Token List” section of the "Create Token" page (, then select a token and click “Manage”.
You can also issue additional token from this section if your token has the “Supply Increase” feature enabled.

Adding a Token Icon

1. Open Block Explorer

View your tokens in the block browser.

2. Update Token Information

Click "Update" to update the token information according to your requirements, including the token icon.
You can contact the block browser staff if you have any questions or concerns during this process.

3. Add Token Icon to DODO

If you have created a liquidity pool of tokens in DODO with a cumulative transaction volume greater than or equal to $1 million, you are eligible to have your token's icon displayed on DODO. Please fill out this form to apply.

Relinquishing Ownership

To relinquish ownership of your token, press "Confirm" beside the "Relinquish Ownership" option in the Manage tab.
Note: You cannot relinquish ownership of standard ERC-20 tokens that do not have any special features enabled (Burn, Trading Fees, and Supply Increase), because standard ERC-20 tokens do not have owners by default.
Creators are able to relinquish ownership of the ERC-20 tokens with the aforementioned special features enabled by setting the owner address of the token to a void address. Creators will not be able to modify the parameters of their tokens once they relinquish their ownership.
Note: Tokens created on DODO early on do not support relinquishing ownership.