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Token creation is one of the tools DODO provides to developers. Users can quickly create a token of their own through this tool.
Currently, token creation supports configuration: token name, token symbol, total number of tokens, number of decimal places, and you can also add transaction destruction, transaction fee, and incremental issue functions. Among them:
Transaction destruction: each on-chain transfer will have a certain percentage of tokens transferred directly to the destruction address (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
Transaction fee: A certain percentage of tokens will be transferred directly to the creator's address for each on-chain transfer
Incremental issuance: allows the creator to issue additional tokens after creation

When using DODO to create tokens, DODO will charge a usage fee, which is currently as follows.
  • ETH๏ผš0.02 ETH
  • BSC๏ผš0.05 BNB
  • HECO๏ผš0.5 HT
  • Polygon๏ผš1 MATIC
  • OKchain: 0.1 OKT
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