Create a Liquidity Mining Campaign

Self-initiated mining is a liquidity incentive tool introduced by DODO. Pool creators or liquidity providers can autonomously initiate mining campaigns to incentivize community participation in adding liquidity or pledging tokens through mining.
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Two types of mining

1.Single coin pledge mining

Users can participate in single-coin pledge mining by simply charging tokens to a mining contract. With single coin pledge mining, there is no loss of principal.

2.LP Market Making Mining

Users need to add market making funds to the designated liquidity pool, and then get LP token and fill the mining contract to participate in mining. Note that LP market making mining only supports public pools, and there is a risk of principal loss in market making mining.
After selecting the appropriate mining type, configure the token currency, mining activity time, and mining rewards. The mining activity does not support deflationary tokens as the coins to participate in mining or reward. Also reward tokens can be configured with multiple coins.