The DODO token economy uses a dual token model, including the governance token DODO and the membership credential vDODO.
DODO token holders enjoy IDO and a new credit for crowdfunding pool buildingin addition to governance rights. Discount on transaction fees.
In addition to all the benefits of DODO, vDODO token holders are entitled to:
- Platform transaction fee allocation bonus
-vDODO Membership Rewards
The relationship between DODO and vDODO:
-Pledge 100 DODOs, you can mint 1 vDODO.
-Redemption of vDODO into DODO tokens requires a "refund fee".
Currently, DODO tokens have been issued on four main chains, including Ether, BSC, Arbitrum, and Aurora/Near Protocol, and the total amount remains the same.

DODO Functionality and Value Capture

DODO is a governance token that is also endowed with certain functions. By holding DODO, you will enjoy the following benefits:
-Proposal and voting rights
-Subscription shares for IDO and crowdfunding on the DODO platform
-Discount on transaction fees

vDODO is a membership credential, which is set up for loyal coin holders. By holding vDODO, you will enjoy the following benefits.

-Proposal and voting rights
-IDO and crowdfunding subscription shares on the DODO platform
-Discount on transaction fees
-vDODO membership rewards
-Dividends on transaction fees

Casting and Redemption vDOOD

Casting vDODO for Membership Rewards

Pledge 100 DODOs to mint 1 vDODO. vDODOs can be transferred or traded. vDODO holders can receive membership rewards.
Each block releases 12 DODO tokens, which are awarded to vDODO holders. vDODO holders receive a proportional share of the DODO Membership Reward.
Invite others to mint vDODO and fill in your address, you will receive an additional 10% of the invitee's Membership Reward, which is calculated to increase your APY.
Receive 50% of the refunded membership fees paid by other users for vDODO and automatically distributed to all vDODO holders. The remaining 50% of vDODO will be permanently destroyed.

Minting vDODO to receive platform fee revenue

After the adoption of DIP-3 governance proposal, the previous 100% transaction fee is distributed to LPs, the adopted proposal has changed to 80% of the transaction fee is distributed to liquidity providers (LPs), 15% is used to repurchase DODOs and distribute to vDODO holders in the form of vDODOs, and 5% is used to establish a community vault.
DODO team will make a distribution of platform revenue around 22nd of every month, 15% of the revenue will be distributed directly to all vDODO holders through secondary market buyback of DODO and cast into vDODO.

Redeem vDODO to pay the refund fee

Redemption of a vDODO into a DODO requires the payment of a pro-rata refund fee. 50% of this refund fee will be immediately distributed to all non-exiting vDODO holders in the form of vDODO, and the remaining 50% will be permanently destroyed.
Define the "number of vDODOs * 100" divided by the "number of DODOs in circulation" as the "DODO Loyalty Index", the higher the Loyalty Index, the lower the refund fee.
When the Loyalty Index is greater than 0.5, more than 50% of the circulating DODOs are pledged and the refund fee reaches the lower limit of 5%.
As the Loyalty Index decreases, the refund fee gradually increases. When the Loyalty Index is less than 0.1, less than 10% of the circulating DODOs are pledged and the refund fee reaches the upper limit, 15%.
Here we give a more specific formula: (define the loyalty index as
, and the penalty rate as
y=0.05y = 0.05
y=0.15y = 0.15
y=0.1750.25xy=0.1750.25xy = 0.175 - 0.25 * xy=0.175−0.25∗x