Explanation of relevant Subgraph data statistics table

All the data of core metrics come from Subgraph, and the data of Subgraph comes from the events thrown when the contract is called.
When it comes to the date dimension in Subgraph, we use the international standard time for a day's statistics, so when the horizontal axis on the Dashboard is the date, it represents the date in international standard time.
In Subgraph, we have several base pools to calculate the USD related price, the first one is the stablecoin trading pool, we use the trading pool with the highest volume as the base pool, and calculate the USD price of the stablecoin based on the weight of the trading volume. In addition, the trading pool of the base token to the stablecoin of the chain will also be considered as the base pool to provide the USD price, and the fiat currency data in Subgraph is only for reference.
We will get the fiat price from the third-party statistical platform for data verification when we do the statistics of the display.

Core Metrics

Trading volume: We use PairDayData to track the data of each trading pair for the day, and TokenDayData to track the trading data of each Token for the day, with daily trading volume data being the trading volume of each Token for the day multiplied by the fiat price of that Token.
Market Capitalization: Get all pools from Subgraph and read the BaseReserve and QuoteReserve (i.e. the balance of BaseToken and QuoteToken on the contract) from each pool, multiply it by the Token's current fiat price, and the sum of the dollar value of both Tokens is recorded as the market capitalization. Tokens not accepted by Coingecko, Coinmarket, or Debank are not included in the market capitalization display.
Number of user addresses: the number of addresses that have interacted with DODO's smart contracts
Number of transactions: the number of transactions that occurred on DODO
smart contracts Pools: Number of pools created in DODO
Number of pairs: the number of pairs traded on DODO

Transaction Pair Data

All Token Pairs that have traded in DODO, the pair data provides information about the pairs that have traded in DODO, as DODO smart routing will help users to find the best price, the volume of external pools is the transactions initiated by users that have not entered the DODO liquidity pool. The turnover rate is the calculated data.
Change ratio: 24 hours of trading volume divided by current market making funds

Price Chart

DODO provides optional charts where users can view the price change of a token pair .
All: Get all the data of the token pair from a third party platform (Coingecko)
Only DODO: Transactions that dealed only through DODO liquidity
Unknown sources: Altcoins with high price volatility, for reference only