How to Create NFTs

You can use DODO to create NFTs in ERC-721 or ERC-1155 format.

1. Navigate to the Create NFT page

Navigate to the DODO NFT website ( This site can also be accessed from the main DODO app by clicking on the menu dots icon next to the DODO logo on the top left, and then clicking "DODO NFT".
Connect your browser wallet. DODO supports most of the popular browser wallets, including MetaMask, Trust, TokenPocket, imToken, SafePal, and Coinbase Wallet.
Navigate to the Create NFT page. The link can be found by clicking on the "NFT" tab, at the top left of the DODO NFT page. In the menu that appears, click the "Create NFT" option.

2. Add New NFT Information

Before populating your new NFT information, make sure to decide whether to create one NFT or several. Select “Single” to create a single NFT in ERC-721 format, or select “Multiple” to create multiple NFTs in ERC-1155 format.
Once that is done, feel free to populate the fields that will make your NFT unique. These include a name and image. The image file linked to the NFT must be in JPG, PNG, TIF, or GIF format, and the file must not exceed 40 MB.

3. Confirm Creation

Click on “Confirm” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You will be redirected to your Personal Center after the NFT is created. The list of NFTs you created can be found under “My NFT Assets”.
Click here to read more about NFT creation on DODO.