How to Create NFTs
You can use DODO to create NFTs in ERC-721 or ERC-1155 format; with files in JPG, PNG, TIF, or GIF formats; and the file must not exceed 40 MB.
1. Go to the DODO app (
2. Connect your wallet (How to connect to a wallet?).
3. Go to “NFT” -> “Create NFT”.
4. Populate the fields with the information for the NFT you would like to create.
Select “Single” to create a single NFT in ERC-721 format.
Select “Multiple” to create multiple NFTs in ERC-1155 format.
5. Click on “Confirm” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You will be redirected to your Personal Center after NFT creation. You are able to find the NFTs you created under “My NFT Assets”.
Click here to read more about NFT creation on DODO.
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