How to Trade on DODO (Gasless)
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    What is Gasless Swap?
Gasless Swap routes your orders directly to professional market makers for deeper liquidity with zero slippage and zero gas fees.
Currently, the Gasless Swap feature is only supported on Ethereum mainnet and BNB Chain
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    How to trade on DODO using the Gasless Swap feature?
  • Connect your browser wallet. DODO supports most of the popular browser wallets, such as MetaMask, Trust, TokenPocket, imToken, SafePal, Coinbase Wallet, etc.
  • Click the โ€œGaslessโ€ tap, and select the tokens and the amount you would like to trade
  • Click โ€œConfirmโ€ and follow the prompts in your wallet app. You will be able to see your orders and their current status under โ€œOrder Historyโ€.
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