1. Access the DODO Exchange.
2. Click the "Connect Wallet" button and select your wallet type.
3. Select a trading pair you wish to trade (e.g. ETH-USDT).
4. Enter the amount of one token (e.g. ETH) you wish to exchange in return for the other token in the pair (e.g. USDT).
5. Click the "Confirm” button. If this is your first transaction using your chosen token (e.g. ETH) with DODO, you will be asked to approve the spending of your tokens (e.g. ETH) when placing trades on DODO.
6. Click the "Approve" button and confirm the details of the order.
7. Your order will then start processing. Click "View Transaction" if you wish to see your transaction status on the ETH blockchain.
8. Once your transaction is processed, you will see "Transaction Successful"!
9. Congratulations, you have made a successful transaction!
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