How to Participate in a Crowdpooling Campaign

1. Navigate to the Crowdpooling Page

Navigate to the DODO Crowdpooling page (
Connect your browser wallet. DODO supports most of the popular browser wallets, including MetaMask, Trust, TokenPocket, imToken, SafePal, and Coinbase Wallet.

2. Select a Crowdpooling Campaign

Using the search box, search for the Crowdpooling address or token address to find the Crowdpooling project you want to join.

3. Join the Crowdpooling Campaign

If the Crowdpooling campaign has already begun, you can click "Join" to enter the details page.
On the details page, you can see more information. Enter the amount of funds you'd like to contribute to join the Crowdpooling campaign on the right side window.
When using a certain token for a Crowdpooling campaign for the first time, you will need to approve it. Click the "lock" symbol to the right of the token amount to unlock and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
After the transaction is confirmed on-chain, you will then be ready to join the Crowdpooling campaign with the amount of tokens you wish to contribute.
Click "Add" and confirm in your wallet. The transaction will then be confirmed on-chain, depositing your tokens into the campaign.

4. Withdraw Funds or Settle the Campaign

During the Crowdpooling campaign, you can withdraw your funds at any time by clicking the "Remove" button and entering the amount you wish to remove.
After the Crowdpooling campaign ends, anyone can choose to settle the campaign. Settling a campaign means concluding it so that tokens can be distributed to participants, automatically creating a corresponding liquidity pool that's immediately open for spot trading. The wallet address that successfully settles a campaign will receive 0.2 ETH (if the campaign is for an ERC-20 token), or 0.2 BNB (if the campaign is for a BEP-20/BSC token), but please note that the settle transaction requires a gas fee to be submitted.

5. Claim Allocation

When the Crowdpooling period ends, if the token cap has not been reached, you will receive 100% of your allocation. However, if the raised funds exceed the token cap, your allocation of the Crowdpooling campaign will be distributed according to your proportion of the total raised funds, multiplied by the amount of the total tokens distributed. In this case, the excess funds will be returned to your wallet.
To retrieve your allocation from a completed Crowdpooling campaign you need to "Claim" your share of the sale. Click the Claim button and confirm the transaction to receive your tokens; once confirmed on-chain the tokens will be sent to your address.
You have successfully participated in a DODO Crowdpooling campaign!

Add a Campaign to Favorites

To favorite a campaign, search for the campaign in the search bar and click the star button on the project card (left image below).
On the Crowdpooling page, you can check your saved campaigns by clicking the "Favorites" button (right image below).

Liking a Campaign

During or before the start of a Crowpooling campaign, users with vDODO tokens can "like" a campaign, boosting its position in the campaign list. Each vDODO token represents one like. Liking a campaign requires you to approve the transaction through your wallet, but it will not incur any gas fees. The more users like a campaign, the higher it will be displayed in the campaign list.
To like a campaign, search for the campaign in the search bar and click the flame button on the campaign card.
The top 5 most popular projects with over 5,000 likes will be displayed on the Crowdpooling homepage.

Withdrawing Likes

During or before the start of a campaign, users are free to add more likes to a project, or to withdraw their previous likes. Withdrawing likes requires an approved transaction through your wallet, but it will not incur any gas fees. The popularity of a project will decrease correspondingly if likes are withdrawn.
To withdraw a vote, search for the campaign in the search bar and uncheck the fire button on the campaign card.