The token I want to trade isn't on the list! What do I do?

You can search directly for the token you want to trade using its contract address. DODO currently supports multiple liquidity pools on different chains, allowing for a variety of token swaps. Make sure that you're on the correct blockchain network for your desired token, and then paste your token's address in the token search bar to start trading!

Why does my wallet ETH balance show up as 0?

If you don't have enough ETH in your wallet, the DODO trading portal will look like the above image. This is because the DODO Team has instituted a 0.1 ETH buffer on its frontend interface, meaning that if there is less than 0.1 ETH in your wallet, you cannot initiate swaps/trades on DODO. The purpose of this buffer is to protect users from accidentally using up all their ETH to pay for gas costs.

Why can't I use my entire balance when clicking on "Max" for trading with ETH?

As described in the answer above, when trading with ETH, DODO reserves 0.1 ETH as a trading fee.

Why is my trade failing?

There are generally 2 main reasons why this is happening:

1. Price Movement & Slippage Setting

During high trading activity and demand for certain tokens, the price may change rapidly and be outside your price range by the time your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. This is common on any DEX, as orders are submitted based on a market price that could change rapidly due to demand and supply factors. This is known as ‘slippage’.
To ensure your transaction goes through during these times, you will need to increase your slippage tolerance.
First, click on the settings cog symbol on the top right:
You will now see the Slippage Tolerance settings, as shown in the image below.
Use the text box to set a custom Slippage Tolerance percentage. You can also set a Transaction Deadline if you want your transaction to be canceled automatically if not completed by the specified deadline.
After this is done, you can attempt your trade again as per the normal trading routine.
  • Note: We do NOT recommend setting the slippage tolerance too high, to avoid losing funds.

2. Network gas price is too low during peak load times on the Ethereum network

During peak load times, the Ethereum network can get congested. To execute transactions in a timely manner, users will increase their gas, which can result in gas prices rising to very high levels. Miners will always take the transactions with the highest gas fees first. Therefore, if your gas has been set too low, your transaction may take a while to process.
To increase your gas, you can do this in the wallet of your choice by manually editing the gwei amount and gas limit before submitting the transaction.
If your transaction is already pending confirmation, there are ways to resubmit the transaction which will replace the current transaction with a new transaction that will confirm quicker due to a higher gas setting. For more information, see this MetaMask example which will be similar for other wallets.

Why am I getting a "Price Deviation" prompt when trading?

Price deviation means that there is a deviation between the on-chain price queried by DODO and the price on third-party market platforms. There are two possible causes of price deviation:
  1. 1.
    The third-party market platform takes the weight of multiple prices and updates with delay, which causes deviation from the real-time on-chain price.
  2. 2.
    The quantity you want to trade exceeds the liquidity capacity on the chain, resulting in significant slippage, and the market website cannot provide a price quote.
Please refer only to the quoted price on the trading card, and confirm the quantity is correct before trading.

Why is the latest price on the candlestick chart different from the price quoted for my trade?

The candlestick chart price is sourced from and is updated every 15 minutes. The price displayed on the trading card is real-time, so please refer to the trading module quote for the most accurate price.

Why am I getting a "Path Not Found" prompt when trading?

There are two possible causes of a "Path Not Found" prompt:
  1. 1.
    The liquidity of the current trading pair on the chain is insufficient, and there is no quote available.
  2. 2.
    Network fluctuations cause failure in querying the on-chain status. Please try switching nodes or retrying.

Why am I not getting a prompt after clicking "Authorize"?

First, please ensure that you're using the latest version of your wallet. Also make sure that your wallet has enough to pay the necessary gas fees. If that doesn't work, you can try switching to different nodes.

Liquidity Provision

The amount of my deposit is greater than the current size of the liquidity pool. How can I withdraw all of my funds?

This problem occurs because the asset allocation in the pool has shifted, with one asset being exchanged for another. In this case, you cannot withdraw all of your funds at once, but you can wait for arbitrageurs to enter and help rebalance the asset allocation. Alternatively, you can withdraw small amounts gradually. Each time you withdraw a small amount, it will cause a greater deviation in the price, and arbitrageurs will help replenish that asset, allowing you to eventually withdraw all of your assets.
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