Usage Management


For newly-created groups, they have some default API request permissions and usage limits to cover the basic needs of individual developers.
Members in the same group have the same API request permissions and share the usage limit.
You can view the details of your current group in the [APIs] module.

Apply for Access or Upgrade Usage Limit

If the default usage of an APIs/SDKs can't meet your needs, the administrator can select the target APIs/SDKs and click the [↗] in the right panel to request an upgrade.
Within the pop-up window, you can select the usage you need and follow the tips to submit the necessary information.

Get Additional Permissions

If the default APIs/SDKs do not meet your needs, you can request the additional permissions.
Go through the module in the bottom left corner of the page.
Within the pop-up window, you can describe your specific needs and submit the necessary information according to the tips.