Account management


Membership in the right group is essential for DODO API access. Your account must be in a group that has permission to request the desired APIs.
A new user can become part of a group by doing the following:

Method A: Create a Group

  • Customize group ID
  • Enter your contact email
  • Sign transaction with your wallet to complete group creation
Please note: This operation must be certified by ReCaptcha.

Method B: Get Added by a Group Administrator

  • Please contact your team's group administrator to add your wallet address to the desired group.
  • Log into the Gateway Dashboard again.

Key Information

You can view and reset key information for the current user group in the upper left corner of the page.

Member Management

Group administrators can add or delete members of the current group from [Members]. This is intended as a convenient feature for the development team.
The maximum number of members per group is 10.
Only the Administrator account is allowed to add or delete members.
Members in the same group have the same API request permissions and share the usage limit.