Cross-Chain Trading

Swap tokens between blockchains
DODO's Cross-Chain Trading feature enables users to exchange assets on one chain for different assets on another using a cross-chain token bridge. This feature supports the exchange of dozens of tokens across a variety of different chains, and allows users to transfer assets safely and quickly by aggregating multiple platforms and protocols.

How to Use DODO's Cross-Chain Trading Feature

1. Navigate to the Cross-Chain Trading Page

Navigate to the DODO Cross-Chain Trading page (
Connect your browser wallet. DODO supports most of the popular browser wallets, including MetaMask, Trust, TokenPocket, imToken, SafePal, and Coinbase Wallet.

2. Choose a Trading Pair

Select the currency of the current chain you want to trade and enter the amount, and then select the currency of the destination chain you would like to receive.

3. Submit Transaction

Press "Send" to preview the transaction.
Please note that you need to have enough mainnet tokens in your wallet to pay for the gas fee, e.g. ETH for Ether chain, BNB for BSC chain, etc.
Confirm the order Information of the transaction and click "Transfer" to submit the order to the token bridge.

4. Check Transaction Status

Your order will then begin processing; click "Tx" to view the status of your transaction on the blockchain explorer.
Once your transaction has been processed, you will see a "Transaction Completed" message.