How to Participate

DODO can be used in many different ways! Whether you're launching a project or just looking to trade, the platform has something to offer. Below are some of the most common uses of the DODO platform.

As a Trader

Buy and sell tokens at the best prices

Participate in new asset offerings

Provide liquidity and earn tokens

As a Project Owner

Create a token

Token creation is one of the many tools DODO offers to developers. You can use this tool to create your very own token with just a few clicks.
Currently, token creation supports customizing the token name, token symbol, total number of tokens, number of decimal places, and you can also add functions such as token destruction, transaction fees, and incremental issuance.

Create a Crowdpooling campaign

Get your token on the market for the first time with initial liquidity controlled by the protocol - with some help from your community members.

Create a pool of funds

Using the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, DODO can help you create a wide variety of pools to meet different liquidity needs.

Create a liquidity mining campaign

With liquidity mining, you can provide incentives for community members to provide more liquidity for your tokens. With just a click of a mouse, anyone can initiate a mining campaign.