Directions for use


Group is the basic unit to get DODO API access, your account must be in a group that has been created to request the APIs.
For a newly registered user, you can join a group by:

Method A: Create a group

  • Customize Group ID
  • Enter Your Contact Email
  • Signature by wallet to complete creation
#This operation must be certified by ReCaptcha​

Method B: Added by other group administrators

  • Please contact your team's group administrator to add your wallet address to the group.
  • Log in again to the Gateway Dashboard

API Management

Initial Status

For the newly created groups, they have some APIs request access and some usage limits by default to cover the basic needs of individual developers.
Members in the same group have the same API request access and share the usage limit.
You can view the details of the current group in the [APIs] module.

Apply for Access / Upgrade Usage Limit

If the default request access and usage limit cannot match your needs, the Administrator can click [Apply] and [Upgrade] on the page to contact the DODO team for an upgrade.
#No additional APIs available for application in the current version, it will continue to update
There are two methods to contact us:

Method A: E-mail

Please follow the template below and send an email to [email protected] to submit your application:
  • Group ID
  • Administrator Address
  • Description of the API function which you request access / Usage limit to be upgraded
  • Purpose of applying (what you intend to do with DODO APIs)
  • Basic operational information of the Development Team/Company/Organization (detailed information will help us to respond rapidly)

Method B::Apply in Discord Channel

Please visit to join the #[dev-zone] channel.
Type /apply in the channel and follow the BOT guide to submit your application.

Member Management

As a convenience to developer team for management, Group Administrators can add or delete members for the current group from [Members].
The maximum number of members is 10 for each group.
Only the Administrator account is allowed to add or delete members.
Members in the same group have the same API request access and share the usage limit.