Chain data analysts can query through DuneAnalytics:
1. Transactions data built by DODO Trading API on the following networks:
  • Ethereum
  • BNBChain
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
2.Trading data of each version of DODO pools
3.Other reference data
When building Defi, DEX and other Dashboard analysis about DODO, you can quickly access the above data.
You can access the following within the SpellBook project, under the dodo directory:
  • aggregator_trades ( All transaction data from DODO Trading API)
  • pool_trades (All transaction data from each version of pools under DODO protocol only)
  • trades (All types of transaction data from DODO DEX)
Analysts can also query further data on DODO directly from dex.trends using the following fields:
  • blockchain Currently includes 'ethereum', 'bnb'
  • project Please direct to 'DODO'
  • version
    • '0',for DODO Trading API
    • '1',for DODO Classical Pools
    • '2_dvm',for DODO Public Pools
    • '2_dsp',for DODO Pegged Pools
    • '2_dpp',for DODO Private Pools
See the doc of SpellBook for details:
Continuously updating......