Trading Widget

DODO offers a set of trading component features, precisely engineered to cater to the most prevalent trading needs, helping you to build better products and boost your profitability.
DODO trading Widget allows you to build customized front-end interfaces for the DODO protocol, and embed widgets in DeFi applications for quick asset exchange and other uses.


Best Price

Benefit from DODO’s superior routing algorithm, enabling users to relish the best swap price seamlessly, without navigating away from your dApps.

Cross-chain Support

Easily Swap thousands of crypto assets across more than 10 blockchains, all with a single click.

Revenue sharing

The DODO widget empowers dApps to set their own fees, creating an additional revenue stream through DODO.

Effortless and Seamless Integration

Experience effortless integration with the DODO widget within minutes. Customize to your heart's content to align with your specific needs.

Performance analytics

DODO provides a dynamic dashboard, offering you insightful analytics to enhance your business performance.

Possibilities with the DODO Widget

For All Projects

Swap your token directly inside your application. Making swaps a new revenue source.

NFT Marketplaces

Empower users to purchase an NFT with any asset on any supported chain directly within your app, enhancing their user experience.


Aggregate liquidity from multiple sources while offering your users custom UI, token list, and fee rate.

Supported Chains

DODO currently supports 11 chains in total, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Heco, Moonriver, OKTC, BOBA, Optimism, Aurora and Conflux eSpace. We intend to add support for more chains in the future.


  1. 1.
    Transaction fees incurred by the user through the DODO exchange will go towards the liquidity provider of the DEX protocol. And 0.15% routing fee will be charged.
  2. 2.
    The user can set an additional routing fee, with the default being 0. If a routing fee is set, DODO will not take any profit from it and all profits will belong to the user.
For details on how to use the Swap Widget, please take a look at the "Instructions" page of this section - it only takes about 2 minutes to learn.