DODO V2 Contract Framework


DODO V2 is composed of multiple contracts intended to provide a series of core functions, including building public and private pools, anchoring pools, Crowdpooling, liquidity management, intelligent transaction routing and platform governance. The following diagram provides an overview of the overall contract framework:

Token Authorization (DODOApprove)

DODO V2 abstracts a unique user authorization contract (DODOApprove) from the contract structure. For different kinds of tokens, users only need to authorize once, and then they can smoothly execute all the platform-wide operations such as trading and liquidity management of the authorized tokens.
DODOApprove, as the business interaction portal of the platform, helps users to manage the security of token authorization. DODOApprove also has an added time lock mechanism. When the DODO Team upgrades or add a new proxy contract, the time lock mechanism will ensure that the operation is cooled down for 3 days, leaving enough time to publicize the contract adjustment to the community to enhance the trust in DODOApprove.

Unified Proxies (DODOProxies)

DODOProxies represents the collection of all proxy contracts in the DODO platform. According to different product modules, the DODO Team has developed corresponding proxy contracts, and implemented pool creation, initialization, registration and other operations through proxy contract encapsulation. The current proxy contracts include the following:
DODOV2Proxy: Integrates the platform's intelligent transaction routing, creation of public and private pools, and liquidity management
DODOCpProxy: Includes the creation of fixed price Crowdpooling campaigns and ascending price Crowdpooling campaigns
DODODspProxy: Includes the creation of anchor pools and liquidity management for anchor pools DODOMineV3Proxy: Allows users to create their own liquidity mining pools, supporting the configuration of multiple reward token mining
DODORouteProxy: DODO's self-built routing trading proxy contract

Factory Contract

The functions of the factory contract include creating different types of pools with one click (while the pool address is registered in the factory contract), acting as a registry for the DODO platform, and being the only source of retrieval for pools created by the DODO platform.
DVMFactory: Creation and registration of DODO public pools
DSPFactory: Creation and registration of DODO anchor pools
DPPFactory: Creation and registration of DODO private pools
CrowdPoolingFactory: Creation and registration of fixed price Crowdpooling campaigns
UpCpFactory: Creation and registration of ascending price Crowdpooling campaigns

Other factory contracts:

ERC20V2Factory: One-click token factory contract creation


The contracts currently registered on DODOApprove include not only proxy contracts, but also vDODO tokens. vDODO is the governance token for the platform's members, which users can mint by depositing DODO tokens into liquidity mining pools. This allows users to enjoy future membership benefits on the platform and receive block rewards for DODO. Additionally, holding vDODO provides voting rights for the platform's governance.